Rock en español is a fusion of alternative rock, pop, punk, and Latin music. And it's a term that best defines Tango36 and its music. The group's songs come across like a sick mix of Hoobastank, Sublime, and Dave Matthews Band — but in Spanish, sung by locally renowned crooner Jorge Delgado. Formed in 2001 and solidified into the current lineup in 2003, the band is riding the storm surge of rock and roll sung in Spanish. But Tango36's music is not closed to nonspeakers, for its melodies are rife with easily accessible hooks and slick production familiar to any listener. Combine this Miami band's brand of rock with the ongoing rock en español concert series Primer Sábado at the recently Poplife-less I/O Lounge, throw in a pressed shirt and some mandals, and you have yourself a party.


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