According to Tango36's Website, www.tango36.com, the Miami-based musicians make up a rock band that just happens to sing in Spanish. They kind of cut you up and spit you out with that eerie retro goth sound on songs like "Camino al Sol " and "Vaquero," but the next thing you know, they're back in touch with their traditional Latin side, bopping to a happy Caribbean beat on "Jibaro." The band formed in Miami in 1991 when rock en español was flourishing throughout Latin America. In 2004, readers of Miami New Times voted Tango36 the Best Latin Rock Band and bestowed the title of Best Male Vocalist on frontman Jorge Delgado. The group has had the honor of opening for a number of popular Latin rock bands whose alternative flavor gained mainstream recognition. Those include Aterciopelados, Bacilos, La Secta Allstar, and Volumen Cero. Now it's Tango36's turn to be on the A-list. The band is releasing its first album, Camino al Sol, on Circo Records/Sony BMG in October.


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