Sweet Bronco

This Fort Lauderdale-based act usually plays small Broward and Palm Beach venues such as the Bubble and Propaganda, so this outing below the Miami-Dade County line is a rare treat. Although the band is technically a three-piece, Sweet Bronco's driving force is curly-haired Chris Horgan, who often plays, under the same band moniker, with just an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. Because of the act's solo-bedroom-project origins, the songs are cozy and have a gently electrified, vaguely folksy indie sound. Slow, melancholic intros often lead to slightly droning passages that eventually resolve into guitar crescendos that sound uplifting if not outright joyful. With the fully fleshed-out live setup, synths and all, Sweet Bronco's minor-key outings have almost a postpunky flair that will go down well with the Vagabond's Friday-night crowd.


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