Surfer Blood

Why can't we just let Ian Curtis die already? It's what he wanted! Still, if you've been waiting for the newest incarnation of Joy Division since She Wants Revenge, downtown Miami venue the Vagabond might provide the fix you need this Friday. Besides, with pink slips looming over everyone's head and 8.5 percent of Americans unemployed, it's a legitimate time to reflect on the depths of your emotional abyss.

West Palm Beach indie outfit Surfer Blood, formerly known as TV Club, revives the same lo-fi, post-punk qualities Joy Division embodied. The band is a little '80s, a little experimental, and at times more than a little melancholic. Beyond all the gloomy stuff, though, Surfer Blood's songs are catchy as hell and incorporate Of Montreal-style harmonies that mitigate its maudlin mood. Yet any hint of joyful tidings diminishes at first read of the band's MySpace page. Members include "Id, Ego, and Super-ego." That's so self-aware of them... viva Ian Curtis!


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