Surf Nazis on Ecstasy

Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Surf Nazis on Ecstasy are a thrash-punk trio who, despite their name, are neither beach bums nor fascists. And they definitely don't do raves. By their own words: "We're not artsy. We're not Nazis. We only play all-ages shows." It's an operational ethic that regularly brings them to crusty punk squats, suburban basements, and burned-out warehouses. This Saturday, the crew lands at Miami's DIY, all-ages venue Goo for an on-the-books show, with backup from local punks Eztorbo and Hellmass.

Already through the first half of an East Coast run hyping the imminent release of their new self-release EP, the Surf Nazis have mastered a sound that's the musical equivalent of madness, death, and disaster. Yet even so, these three dudes remain immune to the sort of stylistic limitations that knee-jerk critics often pin on thrash acts. The Surf Nazi style shifts on a razor's edge from no wave to sludge rock to hardcore, without ever sacrificing an ounce of aggression.

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