Coming off his highly acclaimed 40 Acres and a Moog, local producer Supersoul offers this cleverly titled opus about the commercialization of today's hip-hop. There are no preset drum machines or played-out 808 rhythms here; instead there are the purest, high-grade beats that would make any current button-pusher turn away in shame. Supersoul's execution is flawless, and he has a keen sense of how to layer minute sounds on top of masterful compositions. The album kick-starts with "Almighty," an effervescent, intergalactic dubbed-out track with enough reverb to make anyone perform an out-of-body. Then things get really heavy. Highlights include the futuristic club banger "Arrogant," featuring local heavyweight MC Dynas, and the all-too-catchy "Satellites," with another South Florida rapping crew, Cyne.

The true standout, however, is the empowering "More Power," featuring dancehall great Anthony B. This will surely be a rewind for the selectas out there. Laced with fire-breathing bass lines and Anthony B's heart-pounding chant of "More power black power increasing by the hour," it might just spark a revolution.


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