Super Bowl: Six Shittiest Musical Commercials

So the Super Bowl turned 47. And as we all know, the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in a surprisingly hectic second-half, Beyonce reunited with her Destiny's Child homies, and the game stopped for a full 34 minutes when half of the stadium's the power mysteriously went out.

But that's only part of the big-game experience. After all, we Americans are so well-trained to love marketing that most of the country actually gets hysterically excited about Super Bowl commercials.

Not all those ads are good, though. And in case you missed 'em, here are the six shittiest musical Super Bowl commercials.

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Flaming Lips Sell Their Souls For Hyundai

Yeah, we like the Flaming Lips. They're always a psychedelic good time. And we'll even admit that this does look like a superfun day with dad. But we can't really ever get over the soulless hackery that is commercialism. They're just manipulating your emotions so you'll buy cars. We hope the Flaming Lips enjoy their demon money.

Spanish Fun. Taco Bell Old People WTF?

Taco Bell is busy pushing this new lifestyle brand wherein they embrace the idea that party kids get drunk and eat Taco Bell, without pointing out that these party kids immediately regret it for the remainder of their night and into the next morning. This commercial gets some chuckles. But the funniest thing is definitely listening to the translators try to fit all these Spanish syllables into the Fun. melody. "Esta noche, nosotros somos jovenes."

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