Super Battle of the Bands

Remember that scene from Freaky Friday in which Lindsay Lohan wins the battle of the bands and her family becomes reunited and everything is great and grand? No? If you don't know that movie, maybe you are familiar with the concept of a battle of the bands. Several groups compete in a talent-showlike atmosphere in a smoky bar, hoping to get some carrot — a recording contract, money, studio time, instant fame — sort of a musical version of the American dream. Well, take that equation and substitute hyped-up high school marching bands for rock bands, and bragging rights for fortune; set it in the old Orange Bowl, down in the heart of the inner city; and you have the 2006 Super Battle of the Bands. Prepare for topnotch competition from all directions and a level of excitement that can cut through even the most jaded Miami scenester's blackened heart. — D. Sirianni


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