Sunset Music Festival

Sprawling event space Soho Studios, in the heart of Wynwood's warehouse district, seems to be tailor-made for massive, all-night parties. Indeed, few promoters have been able to truly pack the cavernous venue into a critical crowd mass. So we salute the promoters of the Sunset Music Festival for trying, and they have two factors on their side in the good fight. One, they successfully mounted the event last year in a smaller space, so this year counts as an expansion, not a shot in the dark. Two, the fest is all-ages, which widens the potential pool of attendees and gives the underage crowd something productive to do.

The acts across the festival's planned five stages are all electronic and all local — some familiar, plenty not. The big stars here include George Acosta, Miami's erstwhile trance god, who has continued to enjoy a healthy career mainly outside the Magic City. A local set by him is a coup for Sunset. Other big headliners are afterhours icons Ralph Falcon and Cato K, who, with an event cutoff of 4 a.m., will play earlier than they're probably used to. Filling out the bill are scores of up-and-comers. We particularly recommend house femme fatale Cristi 10hagen and breakbeat diehard Johnny Dangerously.


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