Sumsun at Speakeasy Lounge February 11

Given Sumsun's tropical-sounding name and penchant for pastel imagery, it would be easy to file this West Palm Beach one-man band under the rapidly fading chillwave genre.

But as his output has increased, Sumsun (born Judson Rogers) has begun to experiment with a much wider spectrum of electronic music. Although he still relies on the retro-funk washes that were oh-so-popular in certain realms of the blogosphere, many of his recent tracks seem more explicitly designed for dancing. In fact, recent live gigs have shown him dabbling with four-four beats that verge on an update of Balearic house.

Still, with his natty mod attire and a rock guy's knowledge of concise song structure, he remains a favorite at shows alongside similarly open-minded acts. And this time around at Lake Worth's Speakeasy, he will share a stage with the Casey Hopkins Duo, a bluesy act; and Daymoths, a coed tag team that specializes in eccentric piano pop.


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