Suis La Lune

If you're gainfully employed, Sunday might not be the ideal evening for checking out killer rock at Churchill's. Getting a case of the Mondays will be worth it this week, though, if you're among those with an appreciation for the long-lost version of '90s punk/hardcore that existed just before screamo became a dirty word.

Despite a name that makes the group sound like a pretentious French indie band, Suis La Lune is actually a Swedish four-piece that spills its guts while kicking ass and taking names. If semiforgotten acts such as Hot Cross, Embrace, Orchid, or, hell, even the great Rites of Spring set you tingling, these fair-haired youngsters will make you feel like a spring chicken again. They arrive at Churchill's with two American tourmates: Fair Root and Pala, both from Maryland. The former largely skips the distortion and heads straight for the melodic emoting, while the latter resurrects the same ghosts as Suis La Lune.


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