Suenalo Sound System

While the best way to join Miami's multicultural, multi-rhythmic band Suenalo Sound System in their quest to increase the peace is by dancing or smacking a tambourine at one of their family-style concerts, their latest CD, Collage, is a perfect at-home companion.

Dedicated to "The Most High On Earth," Suenalo Sound System's celebratory jam session takes you on a mental odyssey invoked by Afro-Latino rhythms, Caribbean ragamuffin, and North American hip-hop melded with horns and gyrating, wah-wah-pedaled guitars that get you jumping in joyful praise. The dreamy groove of "Maria" gently rocks you out of a groggy sleep, and before you know it, you're beating the eggs for your breakfast burrito to the cumbia rhythm of "Me Duele," chan-chaca-channing the wire whip against the side of the bowl. But save "Samba" for an hour after eating to avoid side aches from the Bahia bash you'll be prompted to hold while doing Saturday chores and getting in shape with reggae-robics.

On songs such as "Kimbia" and "Matt Arnold," punchy rap and alternating flamenco cries help unleash pent-up aggression as you scrub the mildewed grout between the bathroom tiles. Keyboard salsa scales rain down and wash away bad vibes from a week's worth of transgressions. The instrumental section of "Marcela" is good for closet cleaning, as it is reminiscent of once-treasured Grateful Dead bootleg cassettes hidden behind your cobwebbed copy of Siddhartha.


Suenalo Sound System

For more information, check out 10:00 p.m. Fridays and Sundays at Jazid, 1342 Washington Ave, Miami Beach. Admission is free. Call 305-673-9372.

Collage is proof that liberation from life's daily grind does not come from physically escaping to another world, but from harnessing creative energy found in this seemingly mundane one.

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