Strippers Ass-Smash Nachos Supreme in O'Grime's Awesome "Taco Bell Swag" Video

Miami loves the ladies who take off their clothes for cash. And we also dig cheap shitty tacos at 4 a.m. after we've left the titty bar.

But for the longest time, we were wondering: Why don't we have a dirty fucking rap anthem for our sloppy Wednesday-night, cash-wasting, beef-gobbling antics?

Well, Nikolais Javan and L. Rey of the 305's O'Grime have answered the call, dropping a track called "Taco Bell Swag." In the vid, these hoppers are running for the border like kinky crack couriers. They slather themselves with Mexican meat, stuff tacos in g-strings, and pay strippers to ass-smash Nachos Supreme.

See the cut to taste that "Taco Bell Swag."


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