Street Brutality Tour

In recent years fans of hardcore have suffered from too many frilly pseudo acts lauding their supposed "skills and technique." But don't despair, young thrashers, help is on the way. With a lineup of artists that stretches from coast to coast, and with each act supporting recent recordings, Street Brutality Tour's mission of returning the music to its pure, unbastardized form might be within grasp. The four-band roster includes California's decade-strong Hoods, dirty Jersey's metallic hardcore bad boys Shattered Realm, Los Angeles's thug chunk Donnybrook!, and Boston's straight-edge spitfires Black My Heart. And with Miami's Alley packed sardinelike with testosterone-fueled mosh-pit-stomping, it's gonna get sweaty and smelly real quick. It might not be the legendary Washington Square's "ambulances on standby" kind of brutality, but it won't be no picnic in the park either.


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