Stokeswood at the Stage July 30

When someone, such as Stokeswood bandleader and lead guitarist Mark Godwin, tells you that his musical influences range from "Aretha Franklin to the Whitest Boy Alive," you kinda have to stop and wonder. But just like Oreos and peanut butter, sometimes weird combinations work.

Lately, the Georgia band has been making Miami its second home. "When our sound started evolving to more of a danceable monster, our popularity in the 305 started taking off. So we just went with it," Godwin says. "Miami feels like home to us now. We have such an amazing group of friends and fans there. And we have played some of the best music of our life, sweating in that tropical heat."

Coming out this fall, Stokeswood's new album, In the Field of Vibrations, will feature more of that cool and trippy indie music Miamians have come to love. Explains lead vocalist Adam Patterson: "We were trying to convey a sense of surrealism and seriousness built around an electronic sound."


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