Still Dreaming
Courtesy of Good Lookin

Still Dreaming

During the Nineties, British DJ/producer LTJ Bukem seemed to take the more famous Goldie and Roni Size's penchant for watery, atmospheric drum and bass to the extreme; on the Logical Progression compilation his music was seemingly defined by organic, jazz-fusion escapades, not the lightly syncopated drums that made it so distinctive. But he came to the States too late: By the time his two-CD opus Journey Inwards was released in 2000, most of the American mainstream press had already written off jungle as an innovative fad (its revolutionary approach to rhythm inarguably changed the sound of popular music) that never reached its commercial potential.

But LTJ Bukem hasn't disappeared. His record label, Good Looking, still churns out plenty of the stuff that made him a brief contender back in those days, and he's built a roster full of talented protégés like Makoto and Nookie. The former joins him on a trip to Miami this week; both will undoubtedly find themselves in front of a sympathetic audience.


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