Steve Lawler at Soho Studios November 5

If your name were "Steve Lawler," you'd probably spend Wednesday afternoon spinning for the Masters of the Universe on the deck of some Cypriot millionaire's gigayacht off the coast of Dubai. Then Thursday, you'd take the red-eye home to collate your 1,001 solid-platinum platters. And Friday, you'd teleport to Miami for a powwow with friends and fans at the sleek and stylish Soho Studios.

OK, we joke. But the point is that Lawler is an international icon with a very busy schedule. In the 20 years since he got hooked on pirate radio, the Birmingham-born Brit has gone from DJing raves under England's M42 Motorway to owning residencies at Ibiza's Space and Cream to heading his own Viva Music label. And still he somehow finds time to never-endingly zip around Planet Earth on the back of his signature "deep" and "sexy" sound, playing gigs such as this weekend's Viva Tour show.

With backup from labelmates Leon and David Pher, Lawler no doubt will be locked into both host and headliner modes. Expect classic house, unknown cuts, and dark drums. But don't expect him to reveal the secrets of teleportation. The patent is still pending.


Steve Lawler

With Leon and David Pher. 10 p.m. Friday, November 5, at Soho Studios, 2136 NW First Ave., Miami; 305-600-4785; Tickets cost $30 in advance via


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