Steve Jobs' Top Ten Contributions to Music

Steve Jobs goofing off with PhotoBooth 2005.
Steve Jobs goofing off with PhotoBooth 2005.

Steve Jobs, one of the greatest innovators of both the 20th and 21st Centuries is dead. But his name will ring out eternally through history. 'Cause damn, that motherfucker changed the world and shit.

iTunes is just one of many ingenious inventions to come out of the Apple camp. From apps to hardware, Jobs QB'd some giant fucking touchdowns. Here are Steve Jobs' top ten contributions to the world of music.

Steve Jobs' Top Ten Contributions to Music

10. The First Apple Computer

Except that you could probably get a nice tone banging out beats on this business failure of a wood box, the first Apple computer didn't really do shit for music besides setting the stage for a future revolution. This is where it all started.

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9. Garage Band

Home recording technology is one of the fundamental means by which kids who have gotten into music and then changed the face of it have perfected their chops. In the cassette tape era, pause tapes built today's greatest DJs. We have yet to see the full extent to which future mighty producers, engineers, and musicians will have been produced by Garage Band's having been packed with Apples all these years, but guarantee it has made a great and positive impact.

Steve Jobs' Top Ten Contributions to Music
Screencap of iMovie 1999, via wikipedia

8. iMovie

This app hit the market way back in 1999, before almost any home computer had the capacity to store and edit raw video and manipulate it in real time. Now, it's posible that iMovie is used to produce up to 90 percent of the videos uploaded to YouTube. It has been a major game changer in democratizing the music video production process. Everyone from little kids to old people have employed iMovie to create visuals for their favorite songs.

Steve Jobs' Top Ten Contributions to Music

7. The iTunes Music Store

You're probably too young to remember this ... But Napster was the first major peer-to-peer filesharing site, and it was free. Armed with some of the fastest internet connections in all the land circa 2000, college kids across America were downloading copious amounts of MP3s at a rate that destroyed the reigning music business model in the blink of an eye. The iTunes Music Store allowed the big companies to make some digital money, and opened up the playing field for indies to get in on the action too.

6. The iTunes Media Player

Library, playlist, genres, seamless integration, sleek, controlling, powerful -- we definitely prefer that old-school Winamp. But most everybody else is a willing slave to iTunes, which is just how Steve Jobs wanted it. Smart.

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