Steve Bug flies in to Electric Pickle August 27

For nearly two decades, German DJ, producer, and label magnate Steve Bug (born Stefan Brügesch) has stood as one of electronic dance music's prime movers and most influential tastemakers. A veteran of the early-'90s Berlin techno scene, Bug's first label, Raw Elements, would prove instrumental in defining the sound of contemporary EDM for the new millennium. Pioneering early releases by Bug and other pivotal producers on the label such as Vincenzo and Märtini Brös eventually geared European dance music away from the brasher, denser styles of trance and hardcore and toward the more elegant and artful minimalism prevalent today.

In 1999, Bug launched the esteemed Poker Flat imprint, which, with an all-star roster of artists including Trentemøller, Phonique, and Matthias Tanzmann, has emerged as a global touch point for cutting-edge house and techno. Relentlessly ambitious, Bug has followed up the success of Poker Flat by launching two more labels, Dessous and Audiomatique. They're both home to a slew of the world's most acclaimed producers and breakthrough releases. Meanwhile, Bug has continued to cement his own reputation as a world-class DJ, and he'll bring his golden touch to Electric Pickle this Friday, when you can catch him along with Brooklyn techno luminary Adultnapper and LINK resident DJs.


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