Steve Aoki at Mansion July 2

If there's one thing Miamians really love, it's a good show. So even if you're not crazy about Steve Aoki's mixes, at least you can expect a night of instantly recognizable party tracks, crowd-surfing, stage-diving, The Lion King theme music, and free vodka shots poured straight into your mouth by the DJ himself.

There's a reason Aoki knows how to put on such a wacky show: He founded Dim Mak Records, which has released records by artists such as Bloc Party and the Klaxons. And more recently, he's been collaborating with the likes of Laidback Luke and Afrojack while working on a clothing line with his model-actress sister Devon.

So maybe Aoki's mixes don't blow you away. But why not go for the pure entertainment value? After all, that shot of Grey Goose tipped straight from the bottle might save you $10.


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