Static Moon

Saturday's Miami Monstrosity minifestival at Churchill's will feature, unsurprisingly, a wildly divergent mix of styles in its all-locals lineup. Among the artists who depart most drastically from the venue's usual sounds is Static Moon, producer John Paul Sindoni. A multi-instrumentalist on the South Florida scene for the past decade, he formed a rock band, Deezal, in high school with buddies who included Rachel Goodrich. But likely best known are his lush collaborations with local trance god George Acosta, whom Sindoni met when both attended the SAE School of Audio Technology.

His Static Moon project, however, departs from both his old rock dabblings and his big-room anthems. With influences including Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode, the songs are dance-floor-friendly but markedly darker than Sindoni's other work. He can flirt with industrial, pushing chanted vocals over repetitive funk; just as easily, he can create down-tempo, distorted left-field hip-hop. Rather than taking the easy way out and hitting play on his laptop, Sindoni mans guitars and keyboards and even sings, creating a one-man maelstrom of sound.


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