Spank Rock

Naeem Juwan, better known as Spank Rock, has a debut album called YoYoYoYoYo, and his hit single is about an "ass-shaking competition champ." It's pretty clear that Spank Rock is absolutely insane. And considering other songs on the album deal with everything from the abilities of his tongue to the abilities of producer Rick Rubin, it's even clearer that Spank Rock has no problem sharing that insanity with anyone willing to listen. With innovative lyrics backed by even more innovative music (which includes drum programming, strings, offbeat guitars, and a calculator), Spank Rock's creativity makes for an incredibly unique hip-hop style, which he'll be displaying at the District alongside resident DJs Matt Cash, Alex Caso, Aramis, and Induce. Although those DJs may not be as mentally imbalanced, they should still be as entertaining.


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