Space's Dayglow Party

It's time for that once-a-year event that'll leave you bright and shiny and glowing. No, we're not talking about the wonderful feeling you get buying all sorts of awesome Christmas presents. It's the Dayglow party happening at Space. And okay, we sorta lied. Though billed as a once-per-year event, the Dayglow party also happened in Miami around the Fourth of July. As such, you might recall what it's about: You get some white clothes on — make sure they're expendable — and while you dance or stand there practicing your I-am-a-coiled-snake look, you start madly smearing fluorescent paint all over yourself and anyone else who's jiggy with having your hands all over them. Blacklights are used, as you'd guess, to accentuate the effect. Music for this charming bit of trippiness will be provided by a battalion of DJs that includes Tallhassee guy David Solano, an up-and-comer who's been tinkering with high-end music software since he was 13 years old.

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34 NE 11th St.
Miami, FL 33132


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