South Beach's Five Best Bars

South Beach's Five Best Bars
Photo by Monica McGivern

South Beach likes to think she real fancy.

Everyone's always talking about the megaclubs and the expensive cars. But there's just as much world-class bar action to be had, no fancy shoes required.

Whether you're looking for cheap drinks with a bit of billiards, a hip place to catch a good show, or simply chasing a damn fine cocktail ... Here are South Beach's five best bars.

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5. Purdy Lounge

People who love Purdy, really love Purdy. It's like some weird booze-soaked home for certain people. Maybe that's because, tucked off the Washington Avenue strip, it's a step away from the obvious. Maybe it's the great nights they've hosted throughout the years. Or maybe it's the comfy couches and cozy atmosphere. Far from tasteless but never pretentious, Purdy Lounge is open to serve you till 5 a.m., seven nights a week. The joint pairs a more-than-decent drink menu with a history of great entertainment. So really, it all just makes sense.

South Beach's Five Best Bars
Photo by Ari Justin Rothenberg

4. Kill Your Idol

This boozing spot welcomes all kinds: punks, hipsters, gays, straights, artists, even the yuppies wouldn't be chased out. It's not an especially large space, and yet Kill Your Idol still makes room for karaoke, DJs, bands, drag performances, and anything else that could be considered fun. The place has even got a jukebox, so you know it's cool. The full bar offers with moderately priced drinks, but non-smokers will have to share the room with those who partake. Still worth it.

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