With machines replacing instruments and songs manufactured on an assembly line, it's hard to find the soul in music nowadays. But there was a time when bands boomed with rich brass, and singers gained notoriety for their talent without having to compete on a TV show first. This era, known as Sixties Motown, is where Gainesville's Soulphonics gets their inspiration.

The ten-piece troupe keeps it old school with horns, an organ, and dapper suits, while the two lead singers (male and female) take turns belting out lyrics. The Soulphonics' self-titled debut features seven songs of slinky funk, jaw-trembling vocals, and sassy rhythms — all elements undeniably influenced by the late James Brown and his brethren. The band isn't striking a nostalgic pose. It offers an authentic tribute to the roots of R&B, a wall of sound that will make you want to dust off the turntable and listen to your parents' vintage vinyl.


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