Soul Power

This year's WMC and M3 events can make it or break it for countless record labels attempting to forge new ground ... yeah, you've heard it all before. But consider London-based Barely Breaking Even Music (BBE). From pioneering hip-hop albums (see Jay Dee's memorable Welcome 2 Detroit) to acclaimed compilations (Seventies vibes master Roy Ayers, Jr.'s previously unreleased R&B funk on Virgin Ubiquity), BBE's open-minded versatility is definitely its underlying strength.

For its tenth anniversary and fifth year of showcases at WMC, BBE promises dope sets by Jazzy Jeff, Madlib, Vikter Duplaix, and ?uestlove of the Roots, among others, at its FUTURE04 party. Such a lineup is encouraging, but will it stand out amid the conference's massive amalgam of events? "Our roster of DJs ensures we display an array of styles that sets us aside from all the other shenanigans," boasts Peter Adarkwah, who co-founded the label in 1994. "Other people have started to copy us, hence we are the future of Miami." Well ... with luck BBE will do more than barely break even this year.

FUTURE04 takes place on Sunday, March 7, at Opium Garden. See listings for more info.


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