Soft and Wet

Soft and Wet

The word "party" can mean so many things. Saying that you "like to party" could mean that you enjoy attending get-togethers with your friends. It might also be a sign that you're down to swap sexual partners or purchase narcotics, depending on the conversation. No doubt Drew Daniel, one-half of San Francisco duo Matmos, is aware of these connotations when he's working solo under the moniker Soft Pink Truth and making records like the left-field house classic Do You Party?

Daniel describes the music of Soft Pink Truth as being saturated in late-Seventies and early-Eighties gay disco. "I was punk rock in high school," he says. "And I was a closet case so I associated gayness with bad taste in music, specifically with bad dance music. So the idea is that me, growing up and being, like, a gay man making disco, is shameful. It's a good thing to work through. It usually means there's some pleasure and attraction to something that you're also embarrassed by." These so-called "shame sounds" are carefully splintered and processed so that only the sexiest, most decadent bits remain. It's also worth noting that Soft Pink Truth drops shout-outs to classical composer Erik Satie and Prince-blessed girl group Vanity 6 within these micro-edited grooves.

When the crew at local electronic empire Schematic throws a party like Swamp Thing -- where Soft Pink Truth is scheduled to perform -- it can also mean many things. In this instance, house minimalist Matthew Dear will round out the dance-friendly side of the spectrum while Schematic favorites Otto Von Schirach and Richard Devine cater to the spasm-friendly crowd. Dabrye, Ectomorph, DJ Aura, and a handful of others will fill out the middle nicely, meaning that whether you're in search of camaraderie, physical gratification, or altered states, Swamp Thing should fulfill your party-oriented expectations.

Swamp Thing takes place on Sunday, March 7, at I/O Lounge. See listings for more info.


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