So Raw Organizers Switch It Up and Present a Show Tomorrow with Free Admission, Cheap Beer

Yussuf Jerusalem
Yussuf Jerusalem

We loved the So Raw festival, and it's heartening to know the cool people behind it have organized a couple shows since then. I'm happy to report this small trend is combining with that of the latest re-discovery of the American Legion Bar, in Legion Park on Biscayne and 64th Street. Get to know and love this place -- it's a rare spot within the City of Miami borders with no-hassle parking, extremely cheap drinks, clean facilities, and a seeming attitude of letting whoever book whatever random events there. Chances are, too, that if you're the kind to frequent the left-of-center shows currently being put on there, you probably live in or near the neighborhood.

Anyways, the So Raw people, while they usually do cheap shows with built-in-free beer, are changing things up and. Friday night at the Legion they're doing a free show, with cheap beer -- from the bar, of course. The bulk of the music comes from local staples like the garage-y Electric Bunnies and Jacuzzi Boys, and the solo electro-goth (awesome) weirdness of This heart Electric. They've got a foreign headliner, though, Yussuf Jerusalem. That's actually a co-ed French trio that sings in English and plays more lo fi, vaguely psychedelic rock. The group recently released a 12" on the Orlando-based Florida's Dying label, and this Miami show is part of a fairly extensive trek through the United States.

Oh yeah, besides a beer-chugging competition, also planned is a "mummy contest," and your guess is as good as ours on that one.

Friday, November 6. American Legion, 6445 NE 7th Ave., Miami. Show starts at 9 p.m., admission is free.


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