These lovely VIPs make Sno at Pearl hotter than hell
These lovely VIPs make Sno at Pearl hotter than hell
Humberto Guida

Snow Bunnies

Michael Robbins, Justin Levine, and Perry Sasson (still the smoothest name in nightlife) of Empire Events -- or, as other nightlifers know them, the J Crew -- have been hosting a Sno party at Pearl, the elegant restaurant/lounge atop Nikki Beach, on Saturday nights. The plush surroundings make a perfect background for the blizzards of young, beautiful people who've made Sno their favorite frosty bash. It's also a celebrity haven that attracts the likes of Jermaine Dupri, P. Diddy, and Fat Joe. The best thing about Empire Events, though, is the trio's stripped-down approach. They don't bother dressing pretty (something they picked up from their Monday-night partner at B.E.D., Carlos Perez): A nice T-shirt, clean jeans, and a hat with their emblem on it is good enough. And why not? It's their party.

Though some of Sno's crowd can seem cold (my last winter pun, I swear), there's one resident clique who're anything but frigid (I lied). They are "the VIPs," a contingent of attractive, professional women who put the "tit" in titillating conversation. That's because they're intelligent, thoughtful, and well-endowed (only one has a cup size smaller than C, but she's the most adorable blonde). Though these party girls are very Sex and the City, they also happen to be (almost) proper ladies, a rarity for clubland gals. By day the VIPs are account executives in the marketing industry (they sound like The Bachelorette candidates), but at night they paint the town red (with makeup bought at Sephora, of course) and prance in Jimmy Choos.

I'd like to take this opportunity to print my true feelings about one VIP in particular. She has a funny name and a serious body with the best set of legs I've ever laid eyes on. She's Yaidi, and there are at least 100 hearts she's broken, including mine. How? She told me, "I think of you as a little brother." Can anybody hear my heavy tears splashing on the floor?


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