Slow Roast Thursdays, With DJ Craze and Louie Arson, at the Garret at Grand Central

What could a three-time DMC World Champion with a residency at Mansion and the respect of the worldwide DJing community still want? A no-cover party where he can play whatever he pleases. Obviously.

And that's exactly what Miami's DJ Craze is about to bring all y'all true music fans. He's proud to announce the new Slow Roast monthly, kicking off this Thursday at the Garret at Grand Central, alongside fellow Slow Roaster Louie Arson.

"When I first spoke to Jake [Jefferson] from Grand Central, I just told him: 'Man, I wish there was somewhere in Miami that we could play a lot of fresh new music without having to cater to a Miami sound,' " Craze says. "I figured, why not do it on a Thursday when people don't have that much to do in Miami, and do it monthly, and we just play fresh music and promote the label and just do it like that."


Slow Roast Thursdays, With DJ Craze and Louie Arson, at the Garret at Grand Central

Slow Roast Thursdays: With Craze and Louie Arson. 11 p.m. every second Thursday, beginning May 9, at the Garret at Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-377-2277; No cover with RSVP to

The DJ is really just looking for the kind of feeling he gets when playing his beloved Ustream sets, showing off hot tunes from labelmates and whatever else he happens to be feeling — house, moombah, trap, all of it. He's always wanted to get that feeling at a club, and Slow Roast Thursdays seems like the perfect chance.

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"The Garret is awesome. It has the nice warehouse kind of vibe," Craze says. "I want to see how the people react. I want to see how they respond to going to a club and hearing fresh new music instead of just the same old."

Down the road, Craze will bring homies from the label, such as Brillz, Codes, and Klever. And let's hope some friends from different camps, such as Fool's Gold and Mad Decent, will show up too. In the meantime, Miami's party people just gotta prove they want a no-cover party that's all about fresh new music and true fans.

"So come, have fun, and buy the bar out."

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