Sloppy Seconds

Churchill's seems to be humming along with renewed energy thanks to the semirecent addition of booker Nayra Serrano. Under her watch, the venue (finally!) got an updated website, an up-to-date online schedule, and a slate of shows by an increased number of touring bands, with overall greater quality control.

This Friday's shebang, though, should prove to be her biggest booking coup yet. Billed as "a night of skate punk, garage punk, drunk rock, rock 'n' roll madness," the show gathers three national headliners from two tours, plus a grab bag of the city's best like-minded acts. In one corner are Nobunny, from Oakland, and the Spits, from Seattle. Both are making a national trek together, and both specialize in scuzzed-up, gonzo punk-style rock 'n' roll. In the other are Indianapolis punk greats Sloppy Seconds, touring in support of the 20th anniversary of their deliciously sleazy and simplistic sophomore album, Destroyed.

Finally, there are a number of Miami acts that carry a similar musical torch: Furious Dudes, Lil Daggers, Enough, and the Can't Stand Yas. Note the door time, though. Serrano promises the show will begin promptly at 8:30 p.m., perhaps unseasonably early for Churchill's but ensuring it won't be a drag to stick around for the headliners.


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