Sloane Peterson

Sloane Peterson offers the kind of pop-punk that sticks in the back of your head and makes you hum along. At its best, you'll be singing along by the end of a song — the first time you hear it. This Miami-based act features players from much heavier projects, such as Consular, lightening up to play melodic, fun music. Last year, the bandmates released a free demo that drew a nice buzz in this town, and they're following that up with a new seven-inch: Knots/Telephones. It's being released by Financial Ruin records, a very new 305-based tape and vinyl label. To celebrate this auspicious release, Andrew Santa Lucia and crew will play the requisite record-release party at the nicely humming-along all-ages venue Goo. Money collected at the door goes to out-of-towners, and the show is cheap. Word to the wise: Parking runs out fast.


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