Slick Rick at Eve September 24

Immigration is off his back. And that nasty attempted murder charge — file it under pardoned. Slick Rick is not only on top of the world but also straight touring it.

The Ruler is back, bitches! So let's get crazy. Rocking a crown, enough weight in gold chains to equal our annual salary, and the gnarliest eye patch in pop culture, the "Liberace of Rap" will bring his narrative, Brit-hop flow to the 305 this Saturday.

But before you bounce to the gig, be sure to have your Slick Rick show survival gear. This includes (1) proof of residency, 'cause ICE might show up unexpectedly, so carry your papers; (2) a Queen's English to American English translator, 'cause Brits have a funny way of speaking; and (3) a blankie and a pillow, 'cause Uncle Ricky's gonna tell you a bedtime story.


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