The sounds that Miami's Skymall, a.k.a. Ed Prence, makes are the musical equivalent of Tourette's syndrome, and that's meant as big praise. Frenetic beats, nasty bass, and offbeat sampling might be hallmarks of the area's electronic underbelly, but Skymall's volume goes to 11. His single and EP releases are scarce (but more are on the way) and difficult to find (except his remixes for Otto Von Schirach and Mochipet, which are pretty widely available). He does, however, share some tunes through his MySpace page, The standout offering, "Rubber Cement," sounds like an apocalyptic rap fantasy gone horribly wrong. Again, a major compliment.

His live show at South Beach hot spot Laundry Bar should wake folks up to a talented local who is deserving of wider exposure for his atypical creativity. "People should expect to hear a mix of ghetto tech, grime, and some techno, and a lot of bass lines," he says, laughing. "I like to mix it up. The shows end up being more about the performance anyways." — Tamara Palmer


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