Skunk's Seventh Annual Big Birthday Bash

It's that time of year again when all self-respecting punks dutifully brush off their spiked leather jackets with the Dead Kennedys logos and head on down to incite anarchy and distortion at the last bastion of rock and roll in Miami, Churchill's Pub. That's right, it's Skunk's Seventh Annual Big Birthday Bash. The mastermind behind this punktastic event is none other than SoFla Records' Brian "Skunk" Tait, who will be bringing with him to the show label mates Why Not, as well as every other band he could find whose name begins with the.

Stay Hitt, Sound4Sound, the Hellhounds, Johnny Sex Fuck, the Insolent, the Shrubs, the Extortionists, the Odd Jobs, Section 802, and Wasted Youth will also be doing their best Sid Vicious impressions.

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