Dubstep DJ/producer Skream is no stranger to Miami. He played at Laundry Bar late last year and made several appearances at this past WMC. But something clicked in the Magic City earlier this year that has it enamored with the dubstep genre. It's not entirely surprising because Miami bass and dubstep seem like not-so-distant cousins.

Top that off with the success of the recent Trouble & Bass event at Bella Rose and the Get Low monthly at the Vagabond, and it's safe to say dubstep has arrived. That's why when Skream hits the decks at White Room, we expect nothing short of a sell-out crowd. And for those who find dubstep's low-and-slow approach a bit underwhelming, Skream is the genre's crossover superstar, easily winning fans with his more melodic approach. His crowning achievement is perhaps the unlikely success of his track "Midnight Request Line," off his 2006 album, Skream! Along with Skream, dubstep's other champion, Benga, will be on the decks. The 21-year-old will also get help from locals Damaged Goods (Misfit Fridays/Black Sundays) and Juan Basshead (Get Low).


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