Six Signs EDM Has Totally Sold Out

Did you know EDM is a big moneymaker? Nothing sells better than sex, drugs, and uhntz uhntz. And now, thanks to modern technology, you don't even have to be a respectable, talented DJ to cash in on the molly moola express.

Corporations are dying to sign contracts with these party professionals. No need to be a champion turntablist or a hit machine, you just have to appeal to the right audience -- the ones with the money -- and, if you're a woman, be devastatingly attractive.

Oh, and have no qualms about accepting thousands in return for tricking the world into spending money on shit they really don't ever need -- ever.

Avicii and Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply

Avicii takes the prep-poop clothing line to new le7els of douchery with his special line of denim products. The shooting-star Swede said the combination was a perfect fit because, "I express myself through my music and what I wear. Most days you can find me in jeans and a flannel shirt," which usually implies blue-collar working-class hero, but today it's more like millionaire mogul cashing out. We have to admit, it's classier than Ed Hardy, but we still find it depressing. Especially because you can't even wear this high-priced shit and get into the kind of club Avicii plays.

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