Six Sex-on-Stage Moments, From
Danny Brown to Rihanna

Goddamn, Danny Brown rapping with his dee in someone's mouth! Bossin'.
Goddamn, Danny Brown rapping with his dee in someone's mouth! Bossin'.

Everyone loves a good concert, and everyone loves a good porno. So it's only math that everyone loves it twice as much when famous musicians get nasty as fuck in public.

And nothing beats being brought on stage by your favorite performer for a scandalous, titillating, once-in-a-lifetime sexual experience. Even just watching a sexy superstar dry-hump nothing can be one of the hottest things you'll ever see.

So, who are the nastiest freaks in the music world? Some of this may not surprise. Or actually, maybe it will. Either way, you're going to need to close your door and get real acquainted with yourself.

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Girls just want to have fun, and a bad gyal like RiRi gets to have fun with whoever she wants -- even if it's some random broad in front of thousands of screaming fans. Admit it, you have a Rihanna lesbian fantasy. And as it turns out, Rihanna is mad bossy in bed. (And on stage.) So you bitches better be ready to take orders.

Chris Brown

Breezy may be one of the most volatile guys in the game. But any woman would be lying to herself if she said she didn't want a lap dance from the angry bruh. This lucky chick not only get caressed, bitten, and grinded on, she gets it from Chris Brown and two other dudes at once! No wonder Rihanna has no idea how to quit it.

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