Six Club Drugs to Get You Through the Mayan Apocalypse

New Year's Eve is the high holiday of unacceptable behavior suddenly becoming acceptable. Because, well, you were fucking wasted.

And just imagine if the next day nobody was going to be able to hold you accountable for your despicable life choices. Sounds kind of ideal, right?

Well, you might not have to push the imagination too hard, considering 2012 will end earlier than most years, along with the rest of the space-time continuum.

Yep. We've reached the supposed expiration date, according to the ancient Mayan prediction that shit is going down on December 21, 2012.

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But no worries. We here at Crossfade have put together a little guide to staying faded through the end times.

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Six Club Drugs to Get You Through the Mayan Apocalypse

6. Vodka

And we're not talking about Grey Goose with a splash of cran. On an average Friday night, that might do the trick. And by "the trick," we mean get you shitty-drunk enough to dance, flirt, and either get laid or vomit on yourself trying. But this is the apocalypse, people! We're talking cosmic calendars, ancient civilizations that disappeared, and fucking pyramids. Cataclysmic times call for cataclysmic inebriation. So pass the Soviet infantryman boot filled with Grade-Z swill distilled from potatoes by a peasant Babushka in the Russian countryside. We thirst, comrade.

Six Club Drugs to Get You Through the Mayan Apocalypse

5. Ecstasy

No, we haven't seen Molly, AKA pure MDMA. So quit asking. And hey, when we're a day away from, like, blinking out of existence, we wouldn't bother holding out. Instead, why not roll the dice (LOL) on some pressed pills loaded with, well, who the fuck knows what? You are that much more likely to draw the attention of the party photographers hanging out at the End of the World, because you will be that much more of a sweaty, teeth-grinding, obviously-on-drugs, beat-freaking pookiehead.

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