Sirens & Sealions

A break-in at Sweat Records during the wee hours of September 15 cleaned the place of its valuable electronics and trashed everything else. But Sweat is nothing if not resilient — this is, after all, the store that survived for months in an annex of Churchill's after a hurricane destroyed its first storefront. It's with this admirable can-do spirit that the store's series of free, early-evening concerts continues this weekend with local act Sirens & Sealions. A newish quartet, it plays a kind of shuffling, bright indie-pop with liberal sprinklings of charming violin, harmonica, and even xylophone. Add in arch call-and-response vocals between a cheerful girl and a fey, smart boy, and you get a highly polished, happy product that could comfortably be filed away next to the band's avowed influences (and similarly named) Belle and Sebastian and Tilly and the Wall.


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