Side Project

Keep the intoxicating vibes going after Faktura Gallery's artist-meets-alcohol exhibit "Spilt Over Sugar, Crushed Under Foot" with South Florida jam band Side Project. The seven-piece group will perform its acid fusion of funk, rock, and jazz for the afterparty. Side Project's release, Our Last Album, features twelve tracks of trippy guitar tricks, blaring brass, and riveting rhythms that cool cats can dance or space-out to. Melodies like those in the appropriately titled "Peaking" and "The Wooden Lady and Her Shadow Dog" give listeners the mind-bending effects of magic mushrooms without their having to eat them. Everyone from fans of Frank Zappa to Miles Davis will appreciate Side Project's eclectic grooves. The success experimental jazz and jam bands have recently enjoyed in Miami brings Side Project to the side of town known for its underground sensibility and bohemian flare. The Fort Lauderdale-based outfit is looking to increase its presence in the Design District. With venues such as Cornerstone and Stop Miami housing audiences hungry for an original, ethereal sound, the neighborhood tills fertile soil for the group's psychedelic seed.


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