Show Up Early to the Matt and Kim Show on Saturday at the Upper East Side Garden

Good news for people who are big Matt & Kim fans, but didn't want to forfeit a night of WMC stuff to check them out.... But bad news for people who are running on standard Miami time.

Sweat Records wants you to know this show is early -- it starts at 6 p.m., and will be over by 11 p.m. Say the folks at Sweat on their home page: "PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP AT 10 AND BE SAD THAT YOU MISSED EVERYTHING BECAUSE WE'RE TELLING YOU NOW THAT IT'S AN EARLY EVENT!!"

Got it? Good. Tickets are $10 both presale and at the door, and Awesome New Republic opens. Again, the show is at the Upper Eastside Garden, 7244 Biscayne Blvd., 305-984-3231, and ages 18+ are welcome with ID.


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