There's nothing shitty about Shit Robot.
There's nothing shitty about Shit Robot.
Sean Dack

Shit Robot at Grand Central August 13

You wouldn't wanna expect too much from a guy named Shit Robot. But has DFA ever wronged you?

The label has spawned stellar dance-rock acts such as LCD Soundsystem, the Juan MacLean, and Yacht. And it has rarely, if ever, released a dud. In fact, this Irish-born, New York-based DJ-producer (who in real life goes by the name Marcus Lambkin) is responsible for introducing label honcho James Murphy to "good dance music" as well as eternal collaborator Tim Goldsworthy. So if it weren't for Shit Robot, DFA wouldn't exist as we know it.

The 40-year-old former raver also brings a vast knowledge of the dance-rock genre, evident on his formal debut, From the Cradle to the Rave, which features guests vocalists including DFA diva Nancy Whang, Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, and the formidable Planningtorock. When Lambkin made his Miami debut during this year's Miami Music Week, he wowed audiences with his lo-fi, Daft Punk-esque stage show. And for his return set at Grand Central, the live performance promises to be bigger and better. You shouldn't expect any less from someone with almost three decades of music experience. There is nothing shitty about Shit Robot.


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