Shake Presents Dyamilet's Quince

What do you have in common with Afrobeta and José El Rey? Well, if you're Latino or grew up with Latino friends, you've no doubt partaken in that most hallowed of celebrations: la quinceñera (sweet 15?). And even though we're grown up, we'll do it again, this Thursday at the Vagabond.

Just the thought elicits memories of the scents of Cuban catering — Blue Sky, anyone? — and the sounds of Black Sheep and Poison Clan intermingling with Willy Chirino and Hansel y Raul (pa' los viejitos). Not to mention the gaudiest decorations imaginable, tweaked to the tenth power. Have you ever seen a 15-year-old girl roll up to a party in a Cinderella coach drawn by white horses? Ever witnessed an adolescent Latina in a princess's ball gown lowered from two stories above on a golden swing? If you have, and that season of your life is way behind you, then you might just jump at the opportunity to relive those days. And if you haven't, you should get a taste of what you missed.

That's where the Vagabond comes in. This Thursday, you'll get the opportunity to share in such sparkly, sequined festivities when Dyamilet's 15th birthday gets celebrated in style. But the big difference between this quince and those you might have attended in the past: This one won't suck. On the contrary, this one will be tracked by tunes from ghetto-tech space-funk duo Afrobeta, as well as your very own King of Miami Pop, José El Rey. They all promise that it'll kick more ass than Usnavy when he found out his twin brother Usmail was dating Ysmeida behind his back. (Consequently, none of them is invited.)


Shake Presents Dyamilet's Quince

With Jos El Rey and Afrobeta. Thursday, April 30. The Vagabond, 30 NE 14th St., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m. Admission is $10, or $5 with RSVP to (price includes dinner). Ages 21+ with ID. 305-379-0508;

The orders for lechón, maduros, morros, and postre have all been placed, and friends in Dyamilet's court have choreographed a spectacular number to entertain party guests. Come get your quince on!


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