Council of the Sun  performs Thursday, July 5,  at The Improv and Monday, July 9, at Seor Frog's
Council of the Sun performs Thursday, July 5, at The Improv and Monday, July 9, at Seor Frog's
Steve Satterwhite


The next time you hear Latin rock on the radio it won't be a beer commercial, at least not if you're tuned into Radio Uno (WKAT-AM 1360) between 8:00 and 10:00 any night of the week. Kike Posada, the founder and editor of Boom Magazine who won a local hero award from authors' rights society ASCAP last year for promoting alternative music in Spanish, is back on the air after five years of silence. "My problem was never ratings," claims Posada of the unhappy ending of his stint at WRTO-FM (98.3). "The problem had more to do with the ideology of the station owners." Radio Uno general manager Andrew Korge, brother of station owner and prominent political lobbyist Chris Korge, has no qualms about content. The GM promised Posada that if he captures three percent or more of the audience the station will go alternativo 24-7. Ojalá.

Only in Miami can you cross a Colombian florist's son with a Trinidadian mystic MC and the former keyboardist for mad Argentine genius Charly Garcia to come up with something that sounds like Roni Size in Birdland. For the past year, the "digi-organic" hybrid Council of the Sun has been blazing across the local music skyline, teaming up MCs Innervolt and Wavelength with Desybil, the jazztronic quartet of bass player Pedro Marquez, keyboardist/composer/producer Alfi Martins, percussionist Paul Galan, and guitarist/mixmaster Andrei Iglesias.

Grounded by veteran Martins's expertise, the instrumentalists demonstrate that living humans still have a place in an electronica world, lending emotional color and improvisational flights to cool digital beats. Combining computer technology with cosmic theology, Council of the Sun takes listeners both virtual and live on a journey through the circuitry of the soul.


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