Very nearly a schoolteacher, J.P. Pitts
Very nearly a schoolteacher, J.P. Pitts
Photo by Shannon Cottrell

SF Weekly Expresses Concern About Surfer Blood's Education

In this week's SF Weekly music section, the focus of their concert preview is that Surfer Blood frontman J.P. Pitts "was just a semester shy of a degree in secondary education from Florida Atlantic University when he decided to drop out last August and

pursue a different career." We have no problem with that, but with tuition prices always on the rise, the question missing here is why

didn't Pitts leave school sooner? Their album has sold 18,000 copies, after all.

Much of the feature focuses on how Pitts and his bandmates are getting a

different primer, Hype 101, out on the road.

"It's a little nerve-wracking, since everyone is waiting

around like a

pack of wolves to trash our next record. We've come up pretty fast, so

there's a lot of backlash already."

Not everyone, dude. But it will sure shut a lot of people up if

the next album's not a rush job.

Two local Surfer Blood gigs featuring the Turbo Fruits are on the

horizon: April 20 at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach and April 22

at the Ten

in One Music Festival at Bal Harbour Resort & Spa in Miami.


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