These girls at Prive like to play rough
Humberto Guida

Sex In the City

You see the person standing in the corner of the club. The music is too loud to have a conversation, blah blah blah, fast forward to the fucking part. At 4:00 a.m. in a messy apartment, you enjoy the debauchery, depravity, and even danger of taking home a lay from clubland, where sexuality seethes. But when it ends and the lights go on, a look of shame drapes over your face. You want to go home and shower away your sins.

This is the 21st century approach to casual sex, the kind of emotionless intimacy ignited by sexed-up places like Prive and crobar. And today it's both the men and the women who unapologetically put getting their cookie at the top of their nighttime itinerary. Thanks to sex-ed classes courtesy of HBO's Sex and the City, ladies are now openly embracing promiscuity, fetishes, and of course, anal sex. That last item, by the way, usually leads to a bartering situation, especially between guys and gals. Those open-minded, equal-opportunity lasses you meet at I/O sometimes propose to "let you do me in the ass, if I can wear a strap-on and then do you." Hey, hey, hey, hold on lady! (Many men actually bargain the dildo down to the delicate finger of a lady and the promise that their friends will never know, but that's a secret).

Another sex secret concerning women is: Many enjoy being beat during sex. Seriously. I'm talking choking, slapping, and hair pulling (seldom a facet in affectionate relationships, but easy with hookups who just want to cum). Thing is there's always that moment when you wonder whether things are going too far, like when she screams "Stooooop!" in a breathless heave. Once after strangling a lass (at her request), I asked her to do the same thing back. Surprisingly, she said, "I can't, I'd rather soothe your pain." So I got a massage instead. Now if that's not a sexual revolution, I don't know what is.

crobar is located at 1437 Washington Ave, Miami Beach. Call 305-531-5027. Prive is located within Opium Garden at 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. Call 305-531-5535.


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