Join the revolution with Seun Kuti.
Join the revolution with Seun Kuti.

Seun Kuti and Egypt '80 at Manuel Artime Theater July 29

Sure, there are guys who dutifully follow in their fathers' footsteps. They might take on the family business or become scientists, doctors, or lawyers just like the old man. Or they might even go the deadbeat route and follow dad to the local Stop 'n' Shop for a fresh six-pack before the next game comes on.

Seun Kuti, it seems, has seized his father Fela Kuti's shoes, shoved them on, and secured them with superglue. The Nigerian musician has adopted his father's politically tinged brand of Afrobeat, taken over as lead singer and saxophonist in his band Egypt '80, performed some of Fela's original songs at live shows, and even discussed starting his own political party — perhaps Movement of the People, Part 2?

Now Seun is calling the Afrobeat army to the Manuel Artime Theater in support of his newest Brian Eno-produced album, From Africa With Fury, which features furious musical attacks on everyone, from diamond-mining companies to Halliburton. Get ready for blaring horns, groovy rhythms, and addictive hooks that'll make you want to start your own revolution.


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