Set List: Magda

Polish-born, Detroit-reared, and Berlin-residing DJ/producer Magda (ne Magda Hojnacka) is quite often found spinning at the same events as mentor Richie Hawtin and is signed to his M_Nus (pronounced minus) label. She is also quite possibly the only DJ to have ever had both a tea mug and a T-shirt done up in her honor: The coveted Magda Make the Tea items are an adorable in-joke in the international techno community.

1. Marco Carola, Dancing Days (Plus 8)
2. Kasperm, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (Items & Things)
3. Glimpse, Caught On Train (Glimpse)
4. Matt Star, Anin (Weave Music)
5. JPLS, Twilite 4 (M_Nus)
6. Kaspers Realm, Sr. Replicante (Remix) (Esperanza)
7. Björn Wilke, Are You Ready Ralph (Someone Else Remix)
(Level Non Zero) 8. Thrill Cosby, Oogidie Boogidie (Items & Things)
9. Massi DL, Globox (Remix) (Frankie Records)
10. Matt John, E Tuner (CD-R)


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