Set List: Jneiro Jarel

Philadelphia rapper/producer Omar "Jneiro Jarel" Gilyard first gained attention after collaborations with future soul powerhouse Rich Medina. On Jarel's 2005 album, Three Piece Puzzle, his first to receive widescale distribution, he evolved into an avatar of the electronic/hip-hop/soul style, an emerging trend expounded by artists such as the late J Dilla and J*Davey. Using pseudonyms like Dr. Who Dat (on last year's Beat Journey), Jneiro Jarel creates densely layered, dublike instrumentals with references ranging from Brazilian psychedelia and free jazz to classic hip-hop like the Pharcyde, underlining his slipperiness as a track maverick. His next project is Shape of Broad Minds, a concept album that will include appearances by MF Doom, Q-Tip, and Count Bass D. It drops on Lex later this year.

1. Dr. Who Dat?, "Deep Blaque" (Lex)
2. John Robinson, "J.R. Meets Invizible Handz" (Shaman Work)
3. Shape of Broad Minds, "Changes" (Lex)
4. Ghostface & Doom, "Charlie Brown" (CD-R)
5. Talib Kweli & Madlib, "Over the Counter" (Blacksmith)
6. Capital Peoples, "Weigh" (CD-R)
7. The Roots, "Clock With No Hands" (Def Jam)
8. Leaders of the New School, "Spontaneous (13 MCs Deep)" (Elektra)
9. Dr Who Dat?, "Loot" (CD-R)
10. Shape of Broad Minds, "Electric Blue" (Lex)


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